Errr, ummm, I just dyed my hair red!!

Errr, ummm, I just dyed my hair red!!

I am actually quite proud of myself for setting up this site. I can upload videos. if you knew me, you would understand why this was a special day!

The Wright Stuff

Should boys wear tights?


The Wright Stuff

A little chat about how long we can go without sex…

I lied on the show, if I don’t have sex every 3 minutes I have a panic attack.

(I just lied again)


This is the one where I lived and trained as a Geisha for one week in Kyoto.

It was one of the most tiring workouts of my life. Geisha are fantastic, strong, beautiful and hopelessly dedicated to what they do. I have huge admiration for these women.


This is the one where I went to stay with two Polygamous families in the US. Although I have many citisms of the way these people live, I could not deny that they were good people, with very loving families. I was happy to be able to portray their good side, as th media is very unkind to them for their choices.

Although in many cases this might be justified, I saw no evidence of anything untoward during my stay. We have all stayed in touch.

Free Lover

This is the one where I stayed at ZEGG, a free love commune in Germany.

Um…I might have given ‘free love’ a try…..

I mean, I might have…



You shall have to just watch it!

Mail Order Bride

This is the one where I went to Russia and Ukraine to look into the frightening world of mail order brides.

To me this was the spookiest show I have made. Some of these men really scared me.

Endlessly fascinating.

Dirty Dancing

This was the highlight of my career, no doubt about it.

To make a documentary about my all time favorite film, Dirty Dancing, was a dream come true.

I got into Patrick’s bed, did the lift in the lake, sang the hoola hoola song AND did the whole final dance.

It was a dream, a TOTAL dream!

Balls of Steel

This is the one where I pretended to be a crippled girl.

It was the first time I was ever on TV.

When this is your debut you are always going to have a slightly peculiar career….don’t ya think?

Balls of Steel

This is the one where I pretended to be a sex worker…

My parents were so proud..

Dawn Goes Lesbian

This is the one where I tried to be a lesbian.

That is all I can say about it really…

Dawn Gets Her Man

This is the one where I looked at the dating industry and the many different ways to find a man.

Just to confirm, a man was not ‘found’ whilst making this program.

Super Slim Me

This is the one where I starved myself for two months in an attempt to become the infamous Size Zero.

It hurt.

I need to get more technical. I panic when I have to charge my phone, let alone create a website!